Self - Enrichment Workshop

Self-Enrichment is a part of anyone’s grooming. While communication has a great role in outward grooming self-enrichment programme actually takes responsibility for inward grooming. Whatever may be the age , gender, profession and social status – self-enrichment programme helps to find meaning and purpose of anyone’s life. It’s a life changing experience for the participants. So if you seek peace,bliss,happiness, prosperity this is the ideal programme which you can join.This programme consists of series of interactive workshops on different topics.

Workshops at a glance

Live with inner power (part-1)

Know thyself

Ego – How to tame it

What is the purpose and meaning of our life?

Different Breathing exercise


Worry control

Positive mental attitude

Question and answer session

Duration:-5 days

Live with inner power (part-2)

Goal setting

Law of attraction

Importance of feeling and emotion in our life

Creative imagination


Book recommendation for further self-enrichment

Duration :- 5days

Other workshops

Stress management Workshop

Women empowerment workshop

Career counseling workshop

Memory and concentration improvement workshop

Self Esteem and Self-image build up workshop