1.  Can I speak English fluently after taking English Speaking course from Spark Grooming Foundation?
Yes,our English speaking course is mainly designed for those, who want to speak English fluently. This course is very much flexible. This English speaking course will prepare you to express yourself in English at any situation without any hesitation.
2  What is the method of training?
Any language training has four key areas like speaking, reading, writing, listening. So we focus on these four areas while giving English language training. So after taking this course your speaking, writing and understanding ability in English will definitely improve. Psychological training is also a part of our training session. Because major barriers of Speaking English among non-native speakers are hesitation, shyness, low self-confidence.To meet all these psychological challenges we provide special psychological training as well as lots of motivational sessions to keep our students’ motivation for learning.
3.  Do you give stress on Grammar?
Yes , in our training we give stress on applied grammar
4.  Is there plenty of practice sessions in training?
Yes , we provide plenty of practice sessions in training.
5.  Who is the Trainer?
Ms. Piyali Roy is the Chief faculty of the organization. All the course modules and training methodology are developed by her.
6.  Is there any branch of Spark Grooming Foundation apart from Jadavpur?
No, right now we don’t have any other branch except in Jadavpur.
7.  I am a housewife. Is it possible for me to learn spoken English?
Yes, it is possible for you to learn .As the course is very flexible. You don’t have to put much time at home for developing the skill in you. The course is very simple.
8.  I am a professional, I can’t go to your place each week same time. How can I learn?
You can take the opportunity of our customized training and decide your time for training in a flexible manner.
9.  I am an aged person . Is it possible for me to learn spoken English at this age?
The answer is a big yes. There is no age for learning.Ms Roy with her unique way of training has proved it once again that there is no age for learning.
10.  Do you offer any certificate at the end of the training programme?
Yes, we offer certificate at the end of the course.