English Speaking Course Feedback :-

Nemai Haldar (B.Tech student) - I’ve Bengali medium background but I think as a B.Tech student English speaking fluency is must for a better Career. I didn’t have fluency in English, so I joined Spark Grooming Foundation to learn Spoken English and within one month of training under Ms. Piyali Roy I became much confident in English. It’s her way of training and encouragement that helped me to develop the English speaking Skill in a very short time. Now I’m much confident about my career. I strongly recommend this course to others who have problems in fluency in English.

Debjani Ganguly (Home maker) - I’m a home maker but to maintain a good social life I need to speak English .As I am detached from my study for a long time I find problem to speak in English when situation demands. I’ve doubt whether I can learn spoken English at this age. But when I joined spoken English Course at Spark Grooming Foundation I find it’s very easy to learn spoken English and Ms.Roy’s way of training is very unique. I’m very satisfied.

Mausum Prakash Das (Student) - I’m a student of English M.A. Though I’ve sound knowledge in English but I‘ve hesitation about English speaking. So I joined Spark Grooming Foundation and within four month’s of training I’m able to remove hesitation regarding English speaking. Thank You Spark Grooming Foundation

Sikha Das (Business woman) - As a business woman I’ve to deal with so many clients and English speaking skill is quite essential nowadays. I can speak little bit but I’m not so fluent in English so I joined Spark Grooming Foundation few months back. Today I feel much confident about my English it also enhance my writing ability.

Animesh Das (Service) - I feel lack of fluency in English is a great barrier to my career advancement , so I enrolled  at Spark Grooming Foundation as a spoken English student. As a service man I couldn't give much time at home for learning, still the method of training is so effective that within 3 months I developed my confidence in English speaking.

Banani Mondal (Architect) - I’m very much satisfied with the English Speaking training at Spark Grooming Foundation.Thank you Ms. Roy for making me confident in English.

Aparna Roy (School Student) - As a Bengali Medium student I always have inferiority complex for my lack of fluency In English. After completing spoken English course from Spark Grooming Foundation I can speak in English. Now I’m very much Happy


Rajasree Ghosh (Service) - After joining Live with Inner Power workshop  at Spark Grooming Foundation there is a radical change in me. The questions that come into my mind about life, get answers from this workshop. The greatest input of this workshop is helping me to find out the meaning in my life, that I’m searching for many years. I’d like to join other courses at Spark Grooming Foundation.

Malay Mandal (Businessman) - Since my childhood I’m a different sort of person. Though I’m a businessman but I’ve a philosophical mind that always needs nourishment. Live with Inner Power is such a wonderful workshop that gives me the nourishment. Many many thanks to Ms. Roy for organizing such a life changing program. I strongly recommend this programme to all.

Dr.Sujata Bhattacharjee (singer) - For a long time I have been searching for a programme like Live with Inner Power, ultimately the opportunity came to my life at Spark Grooming Foundation through Ms.Roy. I’ve learnt so many things from this workshop. But the most important thing that I’ve learnt is how to give value to time. This will definitely take my life to a different level. I think this type of programme is very much essential for our daily life.

Women Empowement Workshop Feedback

Mithu Mitra (Professional Make-up Artist) - As a Freelance make-up artist I’ve to give much time to my job and sometimes it become difficult for me to keep balance between life and work. I feel lot of stress but when I join women empowerment programme at Spark Grooming Foundation I learn so many things on how to balance my work and life. I feel real success lies in maintaining balance in life. I’ve learnt this through women Empowerment workshop at Spark Grooming Foundation.

Jayashree Roy Chowdhury (home maker) - Women Empowerment Workshop gives me lot of confidence. Thank you Spark Grooming Foundation.