Spoken English Training



Standard Spoken English Course:-

For whom:- Standard Spoken English Course is basically meant for those who can’t speak English. They have serious problems in Grammar, vocabulary and sentence making skill. They  have also lots of hesitation and shyness problem while speaking in English with others.

Course highlight :

Speech Initiator
Articulation exercise
Hesitation overcome technique
Vocabulary build up
Applied Grammar (Syntax, Tense, Preposition, Modals etc.)
Speaking practice on different situations.
Everyday Motivation for encouraging participants.
Meditation for stress relief.

Course Duration:- 4 months

Advanced Spoken English Course:-

For whom:- This course is specially for those who have sound knowledge in English but can’t speak English fluently and effectively.

Course highlight :

Idea about Generative Structure
Different kinds of Fluency Enhancement Technique
Techniques about how to avoid complexity in a sentence
Idea about different types of speech pattern
Vowel and consonant sound production
Application of advanced Grammar.
Different types of effective communication Techniques
Idea about nonverbal communication
Social Etiquettes
Presentation Skill Development

Course Duration:- 4 months


Spoken English combo:-

For whom:- This course is for those students who want to take guidance for longer period.

Course highlight :

Both the portions of Standard Spoken English course and Advanced Spoken English course are included here.

Course Duration:- 6 months


Business English Course:-

For whom:- This course is basically for professionals who have problem in both spoken and written English.

Course highlight :

Effective ways of communication
Telephonic etiquette
Different non-verbal ways of communications
Corporate grooming
Right usage of vocabulary
Business letter writing
E-mail writing
Circular writing.

Course Duration:- 4 months


GD/PI Grooming:-

For whom:- Those who are preparing for jobs in corporate sector.

Course highlight :

Interview Grooming
CV writing
GD training
Body Language
Mock GD/PI sessions.

Course Duration:- 2 months

Customized Course:-

For whom:- Customized course is designed for those , who can’t join batch . The total course is designed as per student’s requirement and it is given in one to one session.