About Us


Spark Grooming Foundation is established with the mission to empower the lives of people through its quality training programmes in the field of English language and Self Enrichment. The organization is registered under West Bengal Societies Registration Act xxvi of 1961, bearing the registration no. S/2L/8470, situated in Kolkata.

Communication and proper grooming are very much essential to become successful in today's highly competitive world. In this age of globalization English language becomes most effective medium of communication. To achieve success in social as well as professional life, one needs proper grooming and ability to communicate in English fluently and effectively. Loosing these two important skills means, loosing  many opportunities in life.

Spark Grooming Foundation is a one stop solution for all your communicative English and Grooming related problems. The C.E.O. and Chief faculty of the organization Ms. Piyali Roy through her unique methodology of training once again proved that, there is no age for learning. All age group people (students, housewives, professionals, Retd. People) are learning happily at Spark Grooming Foundation.

At Spark Grooming Foundation we Strongly belief that there is a lot of potential in every human being .Our motto is to guide them to use their potential for the betterment of their lives. That’s why we  organize different Self-Enrichment workshops for all age group people. All the workshops are conducted by Ms. Piyali Roy. Particpating in these workshops can be a life changing experience for you.


Our Mission:-

To inspire, educate and support people through different training programmes, workshops and seminars.

To increase English language proficiency of people. Therefore to build a nation confident to express itself in English without hesitation.

To organize different motivational programmes for the betterment of society.

To extend hands of cooperation to underprivileged people of society for making their lives comfortable.

Our Vision:-

To be one of the leading grooming organization in India by enriching the lives of common people.


Our Specialities:-

  1. Simple and easy way of learning spoken English
  2. Small batch, special attention is given to each learner
  3. Training under highly experienced and dedicated faculty
  4. Result oriented short time training programme
  5. Unique methodology
  6. Meditation and stress relief exercise make the training effective for learners
  7. Time to time motivational session to inspire the learners