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Spark Grooming Foundation is established with the mission to empower the life of people through its quality training programmes in the field of English language and Self Enrichment. The organization is...

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Our Mission & Vision

To inspire , educate and support people through different training programmes , workshops and seminars.
To increase English language proficiency of people.Therefore to build a nation confident to express itself in English...

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Join Self-Enrichment Workshop

Self-Enrichment is a part of anyone's grooming. While communication has a great role in outward grooming self-enrichment programme actually takes responsibility for inward grooming. Whatever may be the age , gender, profession and social status.It helps to find meaning and purpose of anyone's life

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Our Speciality

  1. Simple and easy way of learning spoken English.
  2. Small batch, special attention is given to each learner.
  3. Training under highly experienced and dedicated faculty.
  4. Result oriented short time training programme.
  5. Unique methodology.
  6. Meditation and stress relief exercise make the training effective for learners.


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